How to get Airbnb Superhost status? – The definite guide (2021)

The Airbnb Superhost status – a rewarding but difficult to obtain badge of honour for hosts that anyone can obtain. Here is Nestify’s step-by-step guide for landlords to obtain this elusive award.

What is an Airbnb Superhost?

Airbnb’s Superhost status is recognition to hosts for exceptional efforts to service and hospitality for their guests. Airbnb will then award hosts with a badge on their profile listing. It will signify a level of professionalism and trustworthiness for their property.

What are the criteria needed to become an Airbnb Superhost?

In order to achieve this, you will need to meet 4 minimum requirements in the last 12 months. Airbnb will assess you are maintaining this ever 3 months, and they are as follows:

  1. Response Rate – 90% response rate or higher. Being an efficient communicator and responding quickly to guest enquiries in under 24 hours is a must. Ideally guests should have responses within the hour, and this also includes all responses. Whether it be questions about the local area or the property itself, responsiveness is key.
airbnb superhost
  1. Guest Reviews – Airbnb will also mesure guests ratings. You must maintain an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5. And Airbnb will look at this rating for 365 days from the date when the guest left the review. 
  2. Host Cancellation Rate – A 1% or lower cancellation rate maintained. Airbnb Superhost are consistent with their bookings they receive and honour them.  To achieve this, you must not have more than 1 cancellation per 100 reservations. In the event that you need to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, exceptions may be made with Airbnb’s extenuating policy. This covers such events as jury service, death, unexpected illness or injury etc. and must be filed with Airbnb directly. They may ask proof regarding the reasons for your cancellation request.
  3. Booking Frequency – Host at least 10 bookings a year, or complete 3 reservations that total at least 100 nights. To you achieve this, you’ll need to:
    • have a schedule that accommodates this minimum
    • take good photos
    • have an accurate listing description
    • ensure your pricing is in line with the market’s seasonality and trends

How do I apply for the Airbnb Superhost program?

You don’t need to apply to become an Airbnb Superhost. They automatically conduct assessments every quarter for all of its hosts. It will analyse who is meeting the requirements. They will then make the selection based on the last quarter analysis and will give (or take away) the status.

Extra tips for achieving Superhost status

Listing description

The description for your listing must be honest and should convey what makes your property stands out amongst the crowd. Putting yourself in the shoes of a traveller by:

  • sharing key features of your accommodation at the start of your description,
  • keeping your language succinct. It allows the reader to pick out key information from listings quickly like wi-fi, parking, lift access.
  • tailoring your listing. It appeals to certain market groups (such as business travelers, families or couples). It’s also a great way to generate bookings.


Beautiful photography is what people look at first. As with the description, the photography should complement the descriptive listing information. Photos will form a major deciding factor for guests when deciding on which property they will book. Having a selection of high-quality photos, that show the best property in its best light will attract more bookings. And in turn generate more booking income.


A clean home is essential. The importance of cleanliness at a property cannot be understated. Starting with key areas of the property, such as the kitchen and bathroom – extra care must be made when dealing with these areas as they play a part in whether the guest will leave a good review. Dusting, ventilation, removal of garbage, and wiping down surfaces are also things to look out for too. All said, a clean home leads to guests reciprocating the act at the end of their stay too.

Think Hospitality

Guests who book at your property are choosing it over a hotel. The ‘guest experience’ is what separates this. They will ensure the basics are covered like: cooking equipment and bathroom essentials. The presentation of the linens and towels and extra touches for their stay are worth noting. Guests appreciate hosts that go over and above with high-speed broadband, cable tv or other electronic appliances too.

Price according to seasonality

Adjusting your Average Daily Rate accordingly is not easy. Indeed, a multitude of variables need to be considered. Such as: real-time market demand, events, competitor performance analysis and seasonality and trend factors. You should consider discounts to increase occupancy rate, as well as leveraging discounts to guests for weekly or monthly bookings.

You can optimise pricing manually or with dynamic pricing software. But it goes without saying, maximum optimisation for rental yields requires understanding and time to monitor the market. Professional optimisation tools and a professional management company can unlock this.

Why become a Superhost – what are the benefits to me?

Aside from the self-satisfaction of providing an extraordinary guest stay; there are additional benefits that come with being an Airbnb Superhost, and they include:

Increased Visibility & Listing Views

Guests can specifically use a ‘superhost only’ search filter to find the highest rated properties in the area. Airbnb can feature such properties in emails and marketing campaigns. Its search algorithm also favour superhosts. Therefore, your listing is more likely to be shown when potential guests are making their searches. It is also easier to spot properties with superhost, as a badge will appear on the profile.

Increased Booking Revenue & Occupancy

A superhost is more likely to generate increased earnings due to their status. A superhosts’ Average Daily Rate (ADR) tends to reflect the seasonality within the market. And the increased visibility through the program assists in higher occupancy rates too. According to Airdna’s data, some key metrics show:

  • Up to an 81% increased occupancy rate
  • 60% more revenue per day
  • 5% uplift in listing traffic

Why Nestify is your Airbnb property solution?

As property experts, we understand that managing a property to a high standard is difficult. Especially as it is very time consuming. Many hosts spend at least 40 hours a month to make a successful Airbnb income. Let us do the hard work for you, so you can focus on other commitments in your life. 

Our services include:

  • Professional marketing
  • 24/7 guest relations team
  • Dynamic pricing strategies
  • 5-star housekeeping services

Nestify is your complete lettings solution in property management. With a proven track record of getting properties to Superhost status, which increases your rental profitability.

Enquire with Nestify to become a host today, to unlock your property’s maximum potential.